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opera widget in title

enigma Opera Widget enigma Opera Widget displays an enigma machine on your desktop or in Opera
Size: 79 KB
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code opera opera widget cypher enigma code enigma encrypter  
Snake Opera Widget Now you can play the Snake game on your desktop or inside Opera
Size: 242 KB
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puzzle game opera widget game widget snake game snake  
Opera Widget Maker Quickly create a newsfeed widget using the Opera Widget Maker
Size: 34 KB
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Widget Creator maker opera widget Newsfeed Reader  
Travel Opera Widget If you need to quickly find the information you need when planning a trip use the Travel Opera Widget
Size: 102 KB
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location trip opera widget travel travel information  
Timer Opera Widget Opera widget that will add a timer for which you set the preset times, to your desktop
Size: 397 KB
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time Timer Countdown opera add-on opera widget preset  
PasswordMaker Opera Widget The PasswordMaker Opera Widget allows you to generate and recall secure passwords
Size: 65 KB
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generator generate make Secure Password generate password  

opera widget in tags

UNIX TimeStamp Converter To quickly convert a date into a Unix TimeStamp string and the other way around use the Unix TimeStamp Converter Opera widget
Size: 221 KB
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convert date unix timestamp date converter opera widget  
Project Velt You can use the Project Velt Opera widget to create, save and export slideshows directly to your browser
Size: 275 KB
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Create presentation design opera widget create presentation  
Desktop Assistant Opera Widget Opera widget that will allow you to access Dictionary definitions, Encyclopedia entries and so on directly from your desktop
Size: 11 KB
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desktop Assistant shopping assistant opera widget  
Del-icio-us Opera Widget that will let you search and browse the latest bookmarks available on the website
Size: 144 KB
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search searcher bookmark Browse Website opera widget  
MyTV TV & Capture application for BT848/878 cards.
Size: 128 KB
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Capture Video player capture capturer video player channel  
Seattle Traffic Opera Widget that will display a Seatle traffic map so that you know were the streets are crowded
Size: 36 KB
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map traffic opera widget traffic map street map street  

opera widget in description

Simply go! The Simply go! widget for opera browser allows you to enter a url or the name of a bookmark and launches it into a new Opera tab. This widget is most useful on top (right-click on the Opera logo and c...
Size: 4 KB
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url Launcher launch opera widget launch url Open URL  
To Do Widget The To Do Widget opera widget allows you to keep track of items that need to be done. Works 100% on the client side. Uses widget preferences to store data Flip over for preferences ■ Widget siz...
Size: 306 KB
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Widget manager task opera widget Task Manager Sears widget  
Multifunctional Analog Clock The Multifunctional Analog Clock opera widget is a verey nice looking Clock Widget featuring functions like alarm, timer and countdown. [b]Note:[/b] To install the widget you have to drag & drop the ....
Size: 103 KB
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clock analog time analog clock display time clock widget  
igiveDate The igiveDate widget for opera browser features multiple color schemes like black, white, yellow, etc. If you want to change igiveDate's color click on the widget. Works great with the igiveTime Opera...
Size: 99 KB
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calendar display opera widget display date day  
Operafan2006blog With the operafan2006blog widget you'll be able to find answers to almost any Opera problem you may encounter. [b]Requirements:[/b] ■ Opera
Size: 100 KB
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Helper opera widget news Blog Blog Posts Save Blog Posts  
Notes Opera Widget The Notes opera Widget displays a small, unobtrusive text editing window where you can save your notes. The Notes widget also has multiple color options. [b]Note:[/b] To install the widget you have to...
Size: 128 KB
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edit note save save note opera widget save notes